Arden, North Carolina (March 22, 2019) — With a renewed passion and dedication to their ministry, The Old Paths have returned with It’s Real, a collection of songs that carries an authentic message rooted in personal experience. The album from Sonlite Records is now available everywhere.

Lead singer Tim Rackley says, “I am so excited about this new recording It’s Real. We were so fortunate to find such great songs with a theme throughout the whole project. Each song really gives a great definition of how the Lord has been ministering in our everyday lives. I really feel this new project will let our friends hear the new sound and know ‘it’s real’ we are back on the road ministering.”

The quartet wants this 7-song release to serve as a testimony to the power of faith and bring excitement, encouragement and enlightenment to their audiences.

“Lord Knows,” the first radio single, features bass singer Daniel Ashmore. The song builds to an upbeat and uplifting chorus about how God always knows what someone needs even if they’re at wit’s end. The title track, written by Kenna West and Janice Crowe, has Beatles-style harmonies with Roark taking the lead. “It’s real, just ask, I’m a living testimony to the fact, that it’s real, that’s that,”  Roark sings. Rackley takes the lead on the power balled “The God I Know,” a Lee Black and Jerry Salley song testifying that all of life’s trials can be solved through God. The EP closes with “Come Sunday Morning,” featuring tenor singer Steve Ladd. The ballad about the Resurrection story has a strong hook and chorus and uses a common, unspectacular phrase to describe a miraculous story.

While this collection expands the Old Paths’ musical boundaries, all of the songs are intertwined by the message that problems dissolve when Jesus intervenes.

Listen to It’s Real HERE.