Arden, North Carolina (May 15, 2020) — The Down East Boys use powerful music with themes of hope, love and faithfulness to spread God’s word on their new album, Faithful Still, now available from Sonlite Records.

The release follows a year and a half of the group gaining the attention of fans and tastemakers with three number one songs from their album, One Day In The Past.

“We are so excited for the release of this new project Faithful Still. With so much success from our last album with three consecutive #1 songs and award nominations, we knew we had a lot to live up to,” says lead singer Ricky Carden. “From the day of final song selection to the final mix day, we felt like we had succeeded in making another project that will inspire, encourage, and most of all, point people to Christ.”

The first radio single, “Amazing Amounts Of Amazing Grace,” begins the album on an upbeat note, with all four Down East Boys singing with an Oak Ridge Boyscountry feel. Stating “Every day the Lord displays amazing amounts of amazing grace,” this song reminds listeners to not overlook God’s presence in their daily lives.

“Those Hands” features Carden and tells the story of his grandfather, who was a source of strength throughout his life, helping and comforting others despite life’s hardships. “They’ve felt worn / They’ve felt alone / They’ve been places far from home / They’ve helped neighbors / They’ve helped friends / And they’ve shown me how I should live.” The song shifts, describing Christ as an even greater source of strength, no matter how many times we have to rely on Him.

The Down East Boys tell stories of the cross and resurrection on “I Hear,” which details the Easter story from Christ’s entry into Jerusalem through the resurrection; and “A Story That Began At The Cross,” written by Kenna Turner West, Sue Smith, and Jason Cox, about how life today all goes back to the sacrifice Christ made.

“What Love” with Doug Pittman taking lead, and “God Will, Yes He Will” featuring the whole group, describe God’s all-encompassing love and care for us and how no matter what’s going on, His goodness will carry us through and lift us up. Other songs include “Fall Like Jericho,” “Church Of The Living God” and “Bottom Of The Basket.”

The album closes with “Sweet Journey,” an uptempo song about savoring life with Christ at your side as a rock you can always rely on.

“The songwriters who contributed to this project gave us their best and our producer Jeff Collins challenged us vocally more this time than ever,” Carden adds. “Our prayer is that people will receive the message in these songs and that in the end, lives will be changed for the cause of Christ!”

Listen to Faithful Still HERE.

About Down East Boys
For more than 30 years, the Down East Boys quartet has traveled from coast to coast, Canada and Mexico. Starting in eastern North Carolina the group chose the name from that region called Down East, but quickly expanded its ministry and has now recorded more than 20 projects and has had more than 40 songs reach the top of the Singing News charts. The Down East Boys features lead singer Ricky Carden, baritone singer Daryl Paschal, bass singer Zac Barham and tenor singer Doug Pittman, who each bring a richness to the group’s music and have been noted by industry leaders and singers as some of the best. The Down East Boys have been afforded many great accolades to their credit. Three songs — “Beat Up Bible,” “Testimony Time” and “I’d Like To Tell It Again” — from their most recent album, One Day In The Past, have reached the No 1. position on the Singing News Chart. From performing with many evangelists through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, singing at Southern Baptist State Conventions and Evangelism conferences all over the country, to all the awards and nominations and the hit songs, nothing changes the goal of this group and that is to share the gospel of Jesus unto all the world.