For their third Sonlite Records single, rising Southern Gospel trio Sound Street offers a ringing anthem of gratitude for God’s strength and mercy. Written by prolific hitmakers Adina Benton Bowman and Kristi Fitzwater, “So Much To Praise Him For” exemplifies the power of a well-crafted song, a contemporary but comfortably familiar musical setting and, most importantly, a vocal performance brimming with a faith that infuses each moment with joyous conviction.

After a measured opening that features a memorable guitar figure ringing out over Trey Ivey’s old-school piano chording, Sound Street wastes no time in diving into the song’s timely reminder of the need to be clear in gratitude, delivered in simple yet profound lines:

I bring Him all my troubles, I tell Him every need
Pouring out each burden down at His feet
Laying every sorrow at the throne of His grace
Leaving tears at the altar where I go to pray
But that’s not why I’m here today

I’ve got so much to praise Him for
For everything I’ve got in this moment right here
I’m not asking for one thing more
Just praying because I know I’ve got so much
So much to praise him for

“We need to avoid making prayer a solely one-sided conversation, only approaching the Lord in times of hardship or selfish desires,” notes Jarrod Vanderslice, whose confident lead vocal is supported by harmonies from daughter Jaylie and the group’s third member, family friend Ryan Bilby. “Let us not forget that He delights in our heartfelt expressions of appreciation for every blessing we receive — truly there is ‘So Much To Praise Him For’!”

Listen to “So Much To Praise Him For” HERE.

About Sound Street
Oklahoma-based trio Sound Street is Jarrod Vanderslice, his daughter Jaylie Vanderslice and long-time family friend Ryan Bilby.

Established in July of 2020, Sound Street has garnered the attention of southern gospel music fans and tastemakers alike. The trio was selected out of the Regional Artist Showcase to perform on the Main Stage during the National Quartet Convention in 2021 and was nominated in the top 10 for favorite new artist 2022’s Singing News Fan Awards. Their radio single “I’ll Take The Old Highway” peaked at #34 on SGNScoops Magazine’ Top 100 and “The Old Story” debuted at #67 on Singing News’ March 2022 chart.

Performing more than 80 dates a year, Sound Street has been inspiring and communicating the message of the Gospel through their music to all audiences.