Arden, North Carolina (December 18, 2020) — Loyal fans of The Kingsmen can worship, laugh, remember and re-live a special time in Southern Gospel Quartetmusic with the new release of The Kingsmen 40th Anniversary Reunion LIVE, an expanded, remixed and remastered collection from Horizon Records.

Now available exclusively on streaming and digital platforms, the album begins with the on-stage voice of Eldridge Fox, kicking off the group’s 40th Anniversaryshow in 1995, “Fifty-four Kingsmen, four decades of singing. We got 120 minutes of memories that are going to be made new…”

A presentation of powerfully moving and classic Southern Gospel “Ton of Fun” follows Fox’s introduction on this new edition of the original recording, allowing listeners to experience the magic of the legendary group’s special reunion show in a whole new way.

“In 1995 the Kingsmen got with some of our alumni and recorded our 40th reunionat the National Quartet Convention. The original CD did not include all of the songs or any of the talking,” says the Kingsmen’s Ray Dean Reese. “There were some fantastic songs like ‘The Cross Has Won Again,’ ‘Love Lifted Me,’ ‘When I Wake Up to Sleep No More’ and others. I am excited because it’s being remastered and remixed by Crossroads and this includes it all! What an opportunity for our fans! I hope all of you enjoy this new and improved digital version which will be available on all streaming platforms.”

A who’s who of Southern Gospel singers and musicians come together in memorable line-ups of the group to perform hit songs that have become classic, reflecting The Kingsmen’s legacy through the years. Performers include Eldridge Fox, Jim Hamill, Squire Parsons, Jerry Redd, Frank Cutshall, Raymond McKinney, Calvin Runion, Ray Talley, Ray Dean Reese, Johnny Parrack, Ernie Phillips, Mark Trammell, Wayne Maynard, Ed Crawford, Garry Sheppard, Arthur Rice, Parker Jonathan, Tim Surrett, and Chris Collins.

Across 53 tracks, listeners will hear live versions of classic songs such as “I Will Meet You In The Morning,” “Gone,” “Glory Road,” “Love Lifted Me,” “It Made News In Heaven,” “It’ll Be Different The Next Time,” “Lovely Name Of Jesus” and “We Do Not Die” as well as #1 hits like “Excuses,” “He’s All I Need,” “Saints Will Rise,” “Go And Tell Somebody,” and “Wish You Were Here.” 

Backing the singers on each song is the Kingsmen’s top-notch band, which, at the time of this recording, included Charles Abee, Eddie Trent, Bob Conley, Bud Roberts, Gary “Beaver” Dillard, Greg Fox, Mark Trammell, Anthony Burger, Arthur Rice, Tim Surrett, Rory Rigdon, Randy Matthews, and Randy Miller.

The 2020 edition of The Kingsmen 40th Anniversary Reunion LIVE was created for the most loyal of fans who long to listen to the classic and celebrated line-ups of this storied group. Worship, laugh, remember and re-live a special time in Southern Gospel Quartet music with this expanded, remixed and remastered collection.

Listen to The Kingsmen 40th Anniversary Reunion LIVE HERE.