Arden, North Carolina (January 5, 2024) —  For their third Horizon Recordssingle, the powerhouse Southern Gospel collaboration of Lauren, Amber & Kennaoffer a strong opening to the new year in “Prove ‘Em Wrong.”

Written by the three women — Lauren Talley, Amber Eppinette Saunders of 11th Hour and acclaimed songwriter Kenna Turner West — and Michael Farren, “Prove ‘Em Wrong” encourages listeners to resist the voices of fear and doubt by affirming the strength of faith and God’s power.

“It’s always a joy to write a song with these ladies,” says Kenna, “and when we add our friend Michael Farren to the mix, I always know that we are going to walk away from the writing session with something that is very meaningful to us — like this song.”

Produced by Roger Talley, the track features a dynamic, wide-ranging lead vocal from Amber and muscular harmonies from Lauren and Kenna, set to a forward-leaning, clavinet-driven rhythm made for clapping hands — and sure enough, in an extended passage that captures the essence of spontaneous praise, that’s exactly what listeners get in the back half of the song. Breaking through the restraints usually found in the recording studio, “Prove ‘Em Wrong” offers, in its joyously assertive refrain, all the spirit of an unscripted moment of revelation through song.

“Many people battle the lies of the enemy. Fear, doubt, and shame are all results of those very lies,” observes Amber. “We wrote this song to encourage the body of believers that Satan is nothing more than a liar and he is going to be PROVEN WRONG because we have the VICTORY through Jesus!!”

And Lauren concludes, “My friend Amber Eppinette Saunders sings her face off on a song with a great truth: Every day we’re bombarded with negative messages from the world around us. Our enemy would have us believe that we’re unloved, defeated, and alone, but we have a choice. We can confront those lies with the truth of God’s Word. Let your praise be loud, loud, loud — go on and prove ‘em wrong!”

Listen to “Prove ‘Em Wrong” HERE.

About Lauren, Amber & Kenna
In a project rooted in one glorious moment of spontaneous music-making, Horizon & Sonlite Records artists Lauren Talley, known from her time with award-winning gospel group The Talleys and as a powerful soloist; Amber Eppinette Saunders, dynamic vocalist of 11th Hour, one of today’s leading Southern Gospel groups; and Kenna Turner West, a celebrated and award-winning songwriter and vocalist, are now bringing their personal talents and experiences together for a unique collaborative endeavor: Writing, recording and releasing music as a trio simply known as Lauren, Amber & Kenna.

With a vocal blend comparable to great collaborations both within and beyond the world of Gospel music — from the legendary Trio of Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt to Sisters and Point of Grace — Lauren, Amber and Kenna have taken an expansive approach to their work, combining their individual and joint influences and interests to create music that ranges from Gospel to Worship, and CCM to Southern Gospel, yet always retaining both their distinctive individual voices and the common roots they share.