Arden, North Carolina (May 17, 2024) — “This album!!! Wow, what can I say??” enthuses Amber Eppinette Saunders, powerhouse vocalist with Sonlite Records’ 11th Hour. “We have literally watched God do miracles and wonders from the beginning process of this project to even now! This is probably the most personal project we have ever done, and we can’t wait for you to hear our hearts through these songs!”

Sure enough, one listen to the trio’s new collection is enough to justify the enthusiasm. With their first new music in more than two years, That’s Who He Isbuilds on the decade of successes embodied in last year’s A Collection of Hits to offer an album that blends full-throated proclamations of God’s strength and intimate meditations on doubt and faith, presented in a set of arrangements that range across equally broad musical ground. Yet each song, whether it’s given a straightforward Southern Gospel treatment or a more contemporary setting, is a vivid example of the inspired creativity and abundant talent for which 11th Hour has been known since their earliest days.

That deep craft and spirit is evident from the opening “Rock Bottom,” with a lyric that uses the title’s image in a clever, yet meaningful twist in its memorable chorus:

There’s a rock at the bottom
And it’s Jesus, the Rock of Ages
So stand up, the ground is solid
There’s a rock at the bottom
When you hit rock bottom

and a gripping lead vocal from Amber that soars over an expansive musical texture that has room for keyboards and banjo, too.

Similarly, the title track underpins emotive leads from Garrett Saunders and Amber with deft touches that include a soulful choir lifting up its message of a loving God who can supply everything the believer needs. Garrett leads on the album’s first single, too, delivering a prayerful “Dear Heavenly Father” that builds from a restrained, intimate opening to a triumphantly full texture over the course of its three and a half minutes, while Victoria Bowlin is well represented with featured numbers that include the pointed “You Can’t Tell Me That Ain’t God” and the serenely confident “Still Faithful.” There’s even a nod to sounds from beyond the Gospel music realm in the boldly contemporary, hopeful sound of “This Is Not The End.”

Adding to the excitement of the release, the entirety of That’s Who He Is will be available in immersive audio on platforms supporting Dolby Atmos, including Apple Music, Amazon Music and TIDAL. “It sounds like you’re sitting in the middle of a recording session hearing all these wonderful sounds,” says producer Roger Talley, who adds, “I thoroughly enjoyed working with 11th Hour on this, my first time producing a project for them. They did such a wonderful job on this project and I am so excited for you to hear it.”

Listen to That’s Who He Is HERE.

About 11th Hour
“There is nothing more fulfilling than ministering to the body of Christ and sharing the gospel,” says Amber Eppinette Saunders. “Every dream we have ever had, God has already fulfilled. He never ceases to amaze us!” 11th Hour has stayed fresh and relevant since their inception while maintaining a versatile sound, able to lead congregations in moving times of worship.

11th Hour has had multiple Top 10 Singing News hits and been nominated for numerous awards in Southern Gospel music such as Singing News Trio of the Year and AGM Album of the Year, while Amber was nominated for Soprano of the Year.

There’s so much more work to be done as Amber, Garrett Saunders and Victoria Bowlin continue to step out in faith. 11th Hour is ready to go wherever the Lord opens doors, singing and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus.