The Old Paths: Press Releases

The Old Paths: BMI Awards and #1 Songs

With two BMI® awards and three #1 hits, the Old Paths have exploded on the scene as a leading presence in Christian radio.

At the 2014 BMI® Christian Music Awards this month, two Old Paths singles, “Battle Stand” (written by Rodney Birch) and “The I Of the Storm” (written by Kenny Kuykendall), received Citations of Achievement for being among the most-played songs on U.S. Christian radio.

In the last two years, three of their singles have reached the #1 position on the Singing News Radio Airplay Chart: “Battle Stand” (December 2012), “God’s Great” (June 2013), and “Long Live the King” (July 2014).

Their success is poised to continue with their new single, “Love Them To Jesus,” already the #1 top add on the August 2014 Singing News New Releases chart. The song was inspired by Old Paths baritone/manager Doug Roark’s testimony. “Over 20 years ago,” he shares, “I was a drug dealer/addict outside of Atlanta Georgia when an old preacher man loved me to Jesus. He didn’t condemn me or judge me; he just took me in and showed me the love of Christ. The songwriter Rodney Birch came to hear us one night, and after hearing my testimony, came back to us with this great song.”


CAPTIONS: LEFT IMAGE: From left to right: Rich Crist (Crossroads), Jim Stover (Crossroads), Chris White (Crossroads), Josh Townsend (The Old Paths), Doug Roark (The Old Paths), Tim Rackley (The Old Paths). RIGHT IMAGE: BMI Citation of Achievement awarded to Asheville Music Publishing, a division of Crossroads Entertainment and Marketing, for the airplay success of “Battle Stand.”

Crossroads, Kingdom Heirs, and Old Paths Celebrate #1 Hits

On September 11th, The Kingdom Heirs, The Old Paths, and representatives of Sonlite Records, a division of Crossroads Entertainment & Marketing, gathered at the Cardinal Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky to celebrate two recent #1 hits. The Old Paths’ radio single “God’s Great,” written by Rodney Birch, was #1 on the June 2013 Singing News Top 80 chart. The Kingdom Heirs’ #1, “Just Beyond the Sunset,” written by Dianne Wilkinson, is #1 on the current October 2013 Singing News Top 80 chart.

“What a run it’s been,” said Kingdom Heirs baritone and manager Steve French. “It took us several years to ever reach that #1 position but now we’ve had eight to make it to the top. That’s what happens when you have great songs, a great production, and the best radio department in the business!”

Old Paths baritone and manager Douglas Roark added, “We never imagined coming out of the gate with #1 songs. But to have two in a row, back to back, is just unbelievable. We owe so much to our record company, Crossroads Entertainment and especially to Jim Stover for doing such a great job representing our songs in the world of radio. We couldn’t be more excited!”

Chris White, President of Sonlite Records, commented: “It’s not often that you get to work with what may be two of the best quartets to ever have sung a note in our business. That’s what we’ve got with the Kingdom Heirs and The Old Paths. As well, they are both very serious about how they present the music with their abundance of talent and with the message these songs contain. We’re thrilled with our association with each of these artists.”

The Old Paths’ follow-up single, “He’s My Song,” has been heating up the charts; it has already reached the #6 position on the November 2013 chart. Meanwhile, the Kingdom Heirs’ new single, “The Borrowed Tomb,” is off to a strong start, as the #1 most added song for Singing News’ November 2013 Top New Releases chart.


PHOTO CAPTION: From left to right: Dennis Murphy (Kingdom Heirs), Tim Rackley (The Old Paths), Jerry Martin (Kingdom Heirs), Andy Stringfield (Kingdom Heirs), Jeremy Peace (The Old Paths), Kreis French (Kingdom Heirs), Douglas Roark (The Old Paths), Steve French (Kingdom Heirs), Chris White (Crossroads), Daniel Ashmore (The Old Paths), Jeff Chapman (Kingdom Heirs)

Old Paths Celebrate #1 Hit “Battle Stand”

ARDEN, NC – December 21, 2012 – The Old Paths, who are in Crossroads Studios this month working on their 2013 mainline release, recently took a break from recording to celebrate their #1 hit “Battle Stand.”

The Old Paths signed an exclusive recording contract with Crossroads earlier this year, and quickly shot to the top of the charts. Their single “The I of the Storm” hit #4 on the July 2012 Singing News Radio Airplay charts. “Battle Stand,” written by Rodney Birch and released on their April 2012 recording Right Now, is #1 on the December 2012 chart.

Crossroads executive Chris White states, “When I had my first meeting with these guys I said, ‘Let’s hold hands first. Then, if that works, we’ll lock arms. If that works, we’ll do the full bear hug.’ Well, we held hands, and that got us a #4 song and now a #1. If that’s what happens just holding hands, I have no idea how good the bear hug is going to be!”

Old Paths members Tim Rackley and Douglas Roark commented, “Words cannot describe how excited we were when we heard the news that ‘Battle Stand’ went #1. We really are humbled by the response of the DJs and listeners. We can only imagine what the future holds here at Crossroads!”

For more information on The Old Paths, check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Watch for their sophomore Crossroads release in late second quarter 2013.


PHOTO CAPTION – LEFT TO RIGHT – Jim Stover (Crossroads, Director of Radio Promotions), Jeremy Peace (Old Paths, Tenor), Doug Roark (Old Paths, Baritone), Tim Rackley (Old Paths, Lead), Daniel Ashmore (Old Paths, Bass), Chris White (Crossroads Executive).

The Future of Southern Gospel

You may think you know all the great quartets on the road right now. Let us introduce you to fresh new recordings from two up-and-coming quartets that will quickly become household names.

Soul’d Out Quartet: What the World Doesn’t Know

From the opening notes to the final melodic phrase, this album is a delightful musical journey covering every stylistic flavor and flair that makes the Southern Gospel genre so rich.

There’s straight ahead quartet singing in “All Things Are Possible,” a catchy pop flavor to “If You’ll Just Ask Him,” and even a richly orchestrated 1940’s feel on “Since I’ve Been Saved,” all of which were artfully crafted by group member and songwriter, Matt Rankin.

What the World Doesn’t Know is a masterpiece of praise to the Master and Maker of all. This album solidly establishes Soul’d Out Quartet as a dynamic force to be reckoned with.

They’re here to be heard and they’re here to stay!

The Old Paths: Right Now

The foundation of Southern Gospel has always been great quartets, and the Old Paths carry that tradition in a new way. They might be fresh young faces to the scene, but their vocals have the drive and energy of HeavenBound and the Hinsons. There’s a powerhouse vocalist at every part!

Committed to the cause and calling of Christ, the group’s name was taken from the Old Testament verse Jeremiah 6:16, which sets them on a steady course.
Right Now will propel The Old Paths to new and even greater heights. Ballads like “The Blood on My Hands” and energetic uptempo numbers like “I Know My God Can Do It” and “When It All Starts Happening” are delivered with equal command. It’s the perfect primer for the singing style that built and sustains Southern Gospel music!

This album shows why The Old Paths are already in demand at some of the largest churches in America. Right Now is a definite right on!

Crossroads Signs The Old Paths

Arden, NC – March 22, 2012 – Crossroads Entertainment & Marketing has just announced signing The Old Paths to a long-term recording agreement. Crossroads will release their first major-label album, Right Now, on April 17.

The Old Paths began in fall 2003. They have performed for Charles Stanley at First Baptist Atlanta, the Georgia Baptist Convention, the Alabama Baptist Convention, Dr. Jerry Vines Evangelism Ministries, and numerous other conferences, community events, and churches. They are a current top 10 nominee for Horizon Group of the Year in the Singing News Fan Awards, and their current radio single, “The I of the Storm,” is at #13 on the May 2012 Singing News Radio Airplay chart.

Crossroads executive Chris White states, “We’ve had a relationship with these guys for about a year now. We’re very excited about where this relationship can go, and what it can do for the music industry, and their ministry as well. Look for a long-lasting relationship with The Old Paths.”

The Old Paths baritone Doug Roark commented, “The Old Paths are certainly delighted to be here. No doubt about it, everyone in Gospel Music knows exactly what sort of reputation Crossroads brings to the table. We’re delighted that we get to come on board and work hand in hand with all the fine folks here at Crossroads Music.”

“Being a co-founder of The Old Paths Quartet,” Tim Rackley adds, “I’m happy and thrilled to be a part of such a successful music company. Being a young boy, and getting Singing News magazine growing up, it was always a thrill to see the new songs and artists they were promoting. We’re excited to be a part of this long history, and we look forward to adding some great records for Crossroads Music as well.”

Right Now will be available from The Old Paths, Crossroads, iTunes, and your local Christian retailer.


Left to right, standing: Jeremy Peace, Daniel Ashmore

Left to right, seated: Tim Rackley, Chris White, Doug Roark