The Old Paths: Media Love

Brian Fuson, Fuson's Findings

As if we needed any further proof, Stay is an overwhelming exclamation point that The Old Paths are here to stay! They have crafted a project that stays true to the traditional sounds that fans have come to expect from them, but also pushed the envelope stylistically to keep their sound fresh. When I first heard Right Now, I didn’t think they could top it, and I thought the same thing when I heard These Truths, but Stay is just as good as, even slightly better, than These Truths.

Brian Crout, Southern Gospel Critique

It’s been said here and elsewhere in the gospel music world over the last few years that the Old Paths were one of the best up-and-coming quartets in America.  Let’s go ahead and remove one of the modifiers and call the Old Paths, simply, one of the best quartets in America.

Steve Eaton

The Old Paths continue their winning streak with the release of Stay.  There are more than enough winning moments for it to stand alongside Right Now and These Truths.  It looks like the Old Paths will be competing for best quartet album released in 2015.


Adam Borden, Singing News

Once again, The Old Paths have presented us with a great album full of great songs and great singing.

Timothy Yap, Hallels

On this new Sonlite Records [release], they have taken some of the major themes of Scripture, namely the resurrection (“Out of the Grave”), redemption (“How Great the Debt”), and heaven (“Have You Ever”) and set them to music that will get our feet tapping and our voices soaring.