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Mark Bishop to release Seasons: A Collection of the Best

Mark Bishop is known as one of the most successful singer-songwriters in Gospel music. Starting his solo career in 2002 after the retirement of The Bishops, Mark never missed a beat and is still hitting the top of the charts with each release. Seasons: A Collection of the Best is just that: a collection of Mark’s top charting songs such as Singing News number ones “Can I Pray for You,” “I’m Listening for the Call,” and “I Got Here as Fast as I Could.” Every song on this collection is a fan favorite. It also includes two brand new songs: “That’s When It’s Time to Pray” (the first radio single) and “The Other Room.” Both are sure to find their way onto the charts and into the hearts of Mark’s fans.

Mark states, “I feel blessed on this journey to have discovered a long time ago that music and lyric are a gift from God. With just a few notes and words, we can share an emotion and a story. Music can be a medicine for the hurting; it can be a celebration for when our hearts are full. Here are a few of my most requested songs through the years. Some are old; some are new. Some tell stories; some express thankfulness. All are from the center of my heart.”

Track List:

That’s When It’s Time To Pray
I Can Rejoice
You Can’t Ask Too Much Of My God
Can I Pray For You?
I’m Listening For The Call
With Me Always
Remember Who He Is, Remember What He Does
I Got Here As Fast As I Could
Cloud Nine, Headed For Ten
The Other Room
Perfectly Honest
My Name Is Jesus

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The McKameys: Something Worth Saving

Through the journey of life we often collect things–something from a special location, or occasion; it may be a photo from a special event or person in our lives. No matter the occasion, each is something worth saving.
The McKameys assuredly have had this same experience. Out of their more than fifty years of recording, many of their twenty-plus number one songs have come about this way.

Something Worth Saving is filled with songs that are just that.

The McKameys have a proven recipe for lyrically strong, Biblically backed songs delivered with passion and feeling that can only come from living what they are singing. In the title song Something Worth Saving, there are reminders that “though I feel I’ll never be worthy, my God is real and so is His mercy. He must have seen something worth saving when He saved me”.

Something Worth Saving is full of promises from God’s Word to uplift and comfort. “Come ye sinners, poor and needy, come ye wounded weak and worn. There’s a harbor for the broken, where the hopeless are reborn. He is able, He is able, Christ is able still to save.” [from Christ Is Able] Bring You Glory brings to mind our purpose in life saying, “Is that I bring You glory in how I live each day, that I make You pleased in the words that I say. And that I honestly love You in every way, and that I bring You glory today.” Back to Bethel describes the return to a source of faith. A place kept in memory and worth saving. “When I start to falter, I rebuild the altar.” The album finishes with the plea to God in Come To My Rescue “ Lord I come to you broken once again. Wash me and cleanse me deep within.“

As these songs minister and help us reflect on our relationship with Christ, we find that they are Something Worth Saving.

Sonlite Records 30th Anniversary Concert

You are invited to our Sonlite Records 30th Anniversary concert, Friday night, July 29th at Trinity Baptist Church, 216 Shelburne Road, Asheville NC. The Kingdom Heirs, 11th Hour and Sunday Drive will all be shooting new live videos that night, so come be a part of this special evening. No admission charged, an offering will be received. For more information, call Trinity Baptist Church (828)254-2187 or Crossroads Music (828) 684-3066.

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11th Hour releases What a Moment

11thHourWhatAMomentBigCov11th Hour’s third national release, What A Moment, is one that changes everything.

The trio’s vocal power shines with sibling-like harmonies as the album moves from tent-shaking revival to soulful, moving ballads. Reminiscent of previous game-changing music mavericks like The Martins, their youthful energy exudes passion for the Gospel and is reflected through delivery of their deep south style with a flare of today’s contemporary music.

Influences span from the Muscle Shoals blues sound in “Look at Me Now” and Aretha Franklin vocal runs in “Ain’t No Bones” to the modern feel of “When God Shows Up” and “He Welcomes The Beggar.” The latter could easily be Natalie Grant or Mercy Me songs. Each of these influences are from artists that marked a new moment in music. 11th Hour now follows suit.

“Mountain Moving Faith” is the new single that promises more moving moments from 11th Hour, with the fresh approach to Gospel Music that has already brought them #1 success.

The Down East Boys to Release Ransomed

DownEastBoysRansomedBigCovThe definition of “ransomed” is to be released or restored, to be delivered, redeemed or rescued. And as you listen to the Down East Boys’ new album Ransomed, you will hear this theme woven into each song.

Ricky Carden of The Down East Boys states, “We went into this album with a different mind set. We always want to make the best album we can, but this time, we spent a lot more time choosing songs that not only will entertain the listeners, but that will move them and help them reflect on what it truly means to be a child of God.”

From the first bouncing notes from the “A Team” of players from Crossroads Studios on “A Reason To Sing,” to the soulful choir joining the guys on “Somebody Left The Door Wide Open,” you know you are in for something special. From the thought provoking, and understated arrangement on “A Thieves’ Paradise” crafted by master producer Jeff Collins, to the powerful ballad “The Song Of The Ransomed,” you are swept into moments of joy and rejoicing.

To release a new recording every year is not that difficult. To release a new recording that will make listeners take notice is a different story. You have to pick the right songs. You have to have the right arrangements. You have to have the best studio players to deliver those arrangements. And as the artist, you have to believe the messages that you are singing. Ransomed by The Down East Boys delivers on all counts.

Introducing Forget the Sea

MarkBishopForgetSeaBigCovWith his eyes upon Jesus, Peter was able to accomplish the impossible. He walked on the water just as the Savior did. It was only when the winds and the waves distracted him that he began to sink.

As believers, we also are distracted by the storms and the noise in our busy lives. Sometimes we take our eyes off of Jesus when truly, in those times when the wind howls the loudest, we should forget the storms, forget the waves, keep our eyes upon Jesus and forget the sea.

Comprised of newcomers and Christian music veterans, Forget The Sea is a new band with a sincere heart for ministry, dedicated to sharing the love of Christ with a lost and hurting world. Inspired by the Appalachian, Folk and Gospel music roots of eastern Kentucky where the founding members call home, the band mixes old and new sounds to create a new music fused with acoustic energy, rousing percussion and tight family harmony. Forget The Sea truly delivers a musical worship experience for all ages.

Although the group’s debut, self-titled first album Forget The Sea is slated for release in January 2016, founding member Mark Bishop is a Dove Award winning singer/songwriter with a three-decade-long history in Christian Music. For seventeen years he recorded albums, wrote chart-topping songs and travelled with the award-winning group The Bishops, appearing regularly on the Gaither Video Series, The Grand Ol’ Opry, Nashville Now, Crooke and Chase, The World Today with John Hagee and countless other notable appearances. For the past 14 years, Mark has enjoyed success as a soloist, garnering many more top songs and accolades and most importantly, seeing many more souls saved in a music ministry that has been continually blessed by God.

And now, joining with a roster of talented musicians and singers, a new band is formed that adds the beautiful voices of Mark’s two daughters, Courtney Isaacs and Haley Bishop. The band brings exuberance and energy to the stage with John Isaacs on percussion, Josh Rison on guitar, Chris Withrow on bass and Russell Funk on keys.

Forget The Sea showcases a mixture of old and new, familiar and fresh, traditional and innovative, all staying true to their heritage and roots and focused on bringing the good news of the Gospel to a world that needs to hear it, young and old.

The Talleys Release After All This Time

AfterAllThisTime-2000Two-time Dove Award Southern Gospel Song of the Year winners The Talleys have a song and message to share in After All This Time.

Roger and Debra Talley, along with their daughter Lauren, make a statement with songs that have messages for real-life situations. From their previous hits “The Broken Ones” and “Hidden Heroes” to this album’s current single “The People in the Line,” led by Lauren, the trio present songs that challenge us to give feet to our faith.

Debra Talley’s creative and powerful ballad, “This Thing Called Grace,” looks at the unique concept that our salvation, as I Peter says, is something “the angels desire to look into.” Somebody’s Story, with Roger Talley on lead vocal, is a message of learning to understand and not judge each other’s daily life when you haven’t “walked a mile or two in their shoes.”

“I am so excited about this new album,” Roger Talley said. “It has been in the planning stages for over a year and it’s finally ready to be heard. It is full of energetic, exciting music, clever lyrics, and passionate performances.”

After All This Time kicks off the twentieth year for the Talleys and has them keeping true to the material and performances that have made them top Christian artists. Song after song they deliver meaningful messages that have an impact on listeners.

Available now at iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, and at Crossroads Online Store as an mp3 and a CD.

The Inspirations’ Pray For Me

TheInspirationsPrayForMeBigCovSome try to be relevant by copying the latest fads. The Inspirations know better. They stay relevant by staying themselves.

Suppose you played their new release, Pray For Me, back to back with their first LP. There would be no question you were listening to the same group. Few develop an instantly recognizable sound. Fewer maintain that sound after member changes. But The Inspirations have for fifty-two years!

The title track of Pray For Me features the resonant tones of bass singer Joseph Brown. Long-time lead singer Matt Dibler delivers the powerful testimony song “It’s Under The Blood.” Tenor Harold Reed shows how well he fits the classic Inspirations sound on “Onward to the Call.” The Inspirations’ lineup also includes pianist Martin Cook, bass Myron Cook, and multi-instrumentalist Luke Vaught.

The same distinctive sound that took the world by storm is still carried on today. Preview and pre-order The Inspirations’ Pray For Me today!