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Soul’d Out: Great Life

HR15562The world is full of great singers, but it takes more than great singing to connect with an audience. It takes real people who are passionate about music. When you hear Soul’d Out Quartet, their passion is obvious. You can feel it. There is a realness to them that you can’t fake.

They are an exciting, talented group of young men who are on fire to spread an important message. They do it with passion through heartfelt ballads like “The Answer Is The Cross” and electrifying traditional style songs like “God’s Grace is Never Ending”. Every title on Great Life is written by Soul’d Out’s founder and lead singer Matt Rankin.

“Our job is to communicate the love of Christ,” says Matt. “We want those who have been run down all week to walk away happy, refreshed and full of the joy of the Lord.”

A wonderful blend of classic gospel along with fresh quartet arrangements make Great Life a listening experience that will lead you into a place of worship.

You hear the hearts of Soul’d Out in every song. Real, passionate men of integrity who have been called to communicate the love of Christ!

The Future of Southern Gospel

You may think you know all the great quartets on the road right now. Let us introduce you to fresh new recordings from two up-and-coming quartets that will quickly become household names.

Soul’d Out Quartet: What the World Doesn’t Know

From the opening notes to the final melodic phrase, this album is a delightful musical journey covering every stylistic flavor and flair that makes the Southern Gospel genre so rich.

There’s straight ahead quartet singing in “All Things Are Possible,” a catchy pop flavor to “If You’ll Just Ask Him,” and even a richly orchestrated 1940’s feel on “Since I’ve Been Saved,” all of which were artfully crafted by group member and songwriter, Matt Rankin.

What the World Doesn’t Know is a masterpiece of praise to the Master and Maker of all. This album solidly establishes Soul’d Out Quartet as a dynamic force to be reckoned with.

They’re here to be heard and they’re here to stay!

The Old Paths: Right Now

The foundation of Southern Gospel has always been great quartets, and the Old Paths carry that tradition in a new way. They might be fresh young faces to the scene, but their vocals have the drive and energy of HeavenBound and the Hinsons. There’s a powerhouse vocalist at every part!

Committed to the cause and calling of Christ, the group’s name was taken from the Old Testament verse Jeremiah 6:16, which sets them on a steady course.
Right Now will propel The Old Paths to new and even greater heights. Ballads like “The Blood on My Hands” and energetic uptempo numbers like “I Know My God Can Do It” and “When It All Starts Happening” are delivered with equal command. It’s the perfect primer for the singing style that built and sustains Southern Gospel music!

This album shows why The Old Paths are already in demand at some of the largest churches in America. Right Now is a definite right on!