Soul’d Out: Media Love

Timothy Yap, Hallels

With such a variety of styles and with lyrics that encompass the whole gamut of the Gospel, it’s amazing that all of these songs come from just one pen.  Thus, if you are looking for an album with no filler tracks where every song is distinctly memorable, give Soul’d Out Quartet’s “Great Life” a listen.

James Vaughn Jr., Absolutely Gospel

Personally, I was blown away by the lyrics, the melodies, but most of all, the harmonies of this quartet that continues to keep traditional quartet harmonies alive in exciting and refreshing arrangements.

Diana Brantley, Musicscribe

Must Buy? YES – I would give this a “must buy” just because of the ten new Matt Rankin songs, but I would also buy it because it’s a wonderful album with great singing by all of the members.

Steve Eaton, So Gospel Back Row

Vocally this is one of the strongest albums to date for Soul’d Out Quartet.  Adding a veteran like Bryan Hutson to the mix only enhanced the strength of this new recording.

Aaron Swain, Swain’s Musings

If you have not heard Soul’d Out Quartet before, this CD will be a great introduction for you, and people who were already fans of the group will find a lot to like about their new sound.