The McKameys: Press Releases

The McKameys: Something Worth Saving

Through the journey of life we often collect things–something from a special location, or occasion; it may be a photo from a special event or person in our lives. No matter the occasion, each is something worth saving.
The McKameys assuredly have had this same experience. Out of their more than fifty years of recording, many of their twenty-plus number one songs have come about this way.

Something Worth Saving is filled with songs that are just that.

The McKameys have a proven recipe for lyrically strong, Biblically backed songs delivered with passion and feeling that can only come from living what they are singing. In the title song Something Worth Saving, there are reminders that “though I feel I’ll never be worthy, my God is real and so is His mercy. He must have seen something worth saving when He saved me”.

Something Worth Saving is full of promises from God’s Word to uplift and comfort. “Come ye sinners, poor and needy, come ye wounded weak and worn. There’s a harbor for the broken, where the hopeless are reborn. He is able, He is able, Christ is able still to save.” [from Christ Is Able] Bring You Glory brings to mind our purpose in life saying, “Is that I bring You glory in how I live each day, that I make You pleased in the words that I say. And that I honestly love You in every way, and that I bring You glory today.” Back to Bethel describes the return to a source of faith. A place kept in memory and worth saving. “When I start to falter, I rebuild the altar.” The album finishes with the plea to God in Come To My Rescue “ Lord I come to you broken once again. Wash me and cleanse me deep within.“

As these songs minister and help us reflect on our relationship with Christ, we find that they are Something Worth Saving.

McKameys: 50

There is no more beloved group in Southern Gospel music than the legendary McKameys. With the most #1 hits in Southern Gospel history, a dedicated following, and a faithful message for the masses, their great music and unwavering dedication to the Lord have stood the test of time. Now we celebrate with them the release of their fiftieth recording!

50 is spiced with sweet simplicity, family harmony, faithfulness, the joy of knowing Jesus, and so many more positive attributes that are inherently woven throughout this historic recording.

From the powerful “I’m Gonna Die on the Battlefield” to “The Coming of The Lord,” there is something for every McKamey fan and follower on this milestone musical project. The album starts with a remake of their very first recorded song, “Don’t Forget the Family Prayer,” complete with an intro pulled from the original cut. “There is Jesus” sums up beautifully what their music ministry has always been about.

50. It’s an artistic accomplishment few groups realize and, Lord willing, The McKameys are only halfway home!

A Song Every Day

“Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord” – Ephesians 5:19 (KJV).

If there was ever a group that lived this verse with the intent to spread the gospel far and wide, it is The McKameys. A Song Every Day is the title of The McKameys’ new release as well as a reference to their mission and ministry.

From the beginning note of the first song, “The Beatitudes Song,” to the quiet, thoughtful ending notes of “There is A Refuge,” The McKameys deliver what they are known for, Scripture-based lyrics with family harmonies unmistakable when you hit play. From Sheryl Farris’ writing pen comes the powerful ballad “A Hill Worth Dying On.” “If You Have The Robe On” is a more upbeat tune featuring Roger Fortner, and co-written by Steve and Annie Chapman, who wrote the #1 single “Unspoken Request.”

This new recording will uplift and encourage you with the message in each song. There truly is A Song Every Day!

Precious Seed

The McKameys have been sowing precious seed for decades. They have sown the seed of the Gospel on stage and at home, and the fruit of their faithfulness is visible today. The group now has three generations of sowers bearing precious seed.

From the energetic title cut to the powerful lyric in “Nothing But Grace,” Precious Seed delivers what fans have come to expect from a McKameys album. But there are also some surprises thrown in. Roger Fortner steps up for his first solo, delivering a delightful and memorable rendition of “Unspoken Request.” You have never heard a McKameys male trio until now, but Eli, Roger, and Ruben bring the album to a perfect ending with “Finish Well.”

Precious Seed will be available on June 19.

Got Your Passport?

From the compelling cover art to the artistic excellence within, the McKameys have climbed to new heights with Joy In the Journey. Ten tracks—every one a ticket to truth, a passport to peace, a road-sign that points directly to Jesus, the ultimate source of the joy and love every human heart longs for and every soul needs.

Along with a musical legacy spanning several decades, numerous awards, and a record-holding 17 # 1 songs, the close-knit Tennessee family seeks first and foremost to live what they sing. Faithfulness to God is a crowning family virtue, and the members earnestly endeavor to bring their best to the Master with each recording.

The McKameys believe this album contains their greatest song collection ever, and we believe you’ll agree! So come along, settle in your seat, and savor in the sweet assurance of Joy In the Journey!

It’s a major milestone on a highway already lined with impressive accomplishment!

No matter what we’re going through, there is Joy in the Journey.

Joy in the Journey releases on March 15. Be listening for the project’s first single, “When Faith Steps In,” releasing to radio soon!

  1. I Have a Great Savior (Rebecca J. Peck) – It has the timeless feel and the authority of a hymn, even though it’s a brand new song by Rebecca Peck. The McKameys’ confident delivery conveys the hope we have in Christ.
  2. Glorify the Lord in the Fire (Sandy Blythe) – Beloved matriarch Peg McKamey Bean sings of our joy in the roughest parts of the journey with the passion that comes from having walked with God in the valley before.
  3. All is Well (Sheryl Farris) – Connie Fortner leads this triumphant song about the Resurrection.
  4. Joy in the Journey (Sheryl Farris) – The joy shines through in this convention-style toe-tapper!
  5. When Faith Steps In (Leigh Parsons Sexton) – Peg and Sheryl share the joy we find in faith through our journey. This story song, written by Squire Parsons’ daughter Leigh Parsons Sexton, takes the listener through the believer’s journey—accepting Christ, everyday life, death, and then, the triumphant end of the journey—Heaven!
  6. Remember When (Sheryl Farris) – Bass singer Ruben Bean sings a wonderful song of salvation.
  7. He Gave (Barbara Huffman) – Peg reminds us of the many things God gave—headed by the greatest gift, His Son.
  8. All That Matters (Dallas Holm) – Eli Fortner offers a McKameys spin on this Dallas Holm classic, with his parents Connie and Roger, Aunt Sheryl, and grandparents Ruben and Peg singing the harmony parts. (Yes, they let Roger sing!)
  9. God Doesn’t Think Like Me (Sheryl Farris) – Sheryl wrote and leads this soaring musical challenge to set our affections on things above.
  10. I Made it By Grace (Kyla Rowland) – The McKameys excel at singing the convention style; Connie and Sheryl trade leads here to bring the album to a powerful finish.


McKameys Celebrate Their #1 Single “The Shepherd’s Point Of View”

The staff of Crossroads Entertainment & Marketing held a celebration last Wednesday honoring the success of The McKameys and their #1 song “The Shepherd’s Point of View.” The single topped the Singing News Chart in the month of December, making “The Shepherd’s Point of View” the group’s 17th #1 song and giving them the honor of having the most #1 singles on the Singing News Southern Gospel radio chart.

Horizon Records President Mickey Gamble offered a few words about the value of a group like the McKameys to radio listeners and music programmers. Jim Stover, Director of Radio Promotions, thanked the group for the way they carried themselves and conducted their ministry, and presented them a plaque in honor of the #1. Ruben Bean and Peg McKamey Bean thanked Mickey, Jim, producer Jeff Collins and the staff of Crossroads, calling the success a team effort.

Crossroads congratulates the McKameys on their continued success and thanks DJs and radio programmers for their support in placing the song at the #1 position.


McKameys Celebrate The #1 Success of “Between Twelve And Thirty-Three”

Arden, NC (October 30, 2009) – The McKameys were recently honored for their latest #1 single “Between Twelve and Thirty Three.” The song topped the Singing News Top 80 Chart for the month of November. The group came by the Crossroads office and studios in Arden, NC for a luncheon hosted by the label on Monday October 26th, during which radio promoter Jim Stover and Horizon Records owner Mickey Gamble joined other company leaders and staff to present the group with a plaque commemorating the success of the group’s 21st #1 radio single. Coinciding with this milestone event, the renowned singing family has a new album debuting November 17th entitled The Message.

Congratulations to the McKameys, we look forward to more moments like this!