The McKameys: Media Love

Timothy Yap, Hallels

With the Gospel and Jesus at the fore over songs that wax creativity, authenticity, and great melodic structures, once again, the McKameys do not disappoint.  When it comes to the great music with strong Biblical messages, there are no what ifs as far as the McKameys are concerned.

Jeff Lowe, Absolutely Gospel

This is one of the best projects that the McKameys have release[d] in a while. I highly recommend this to any current McKameys fan, or to anyone that wants a taste of good, “mountain gospel” music.


Adam Borden, Singing News, September 2014

Several decades ago, three sisters, along with one of their husbands, recorded their very first album. It was made of actual vinyl and turned 33 and 1/3 times in a minute. That record was called The Family Prayer by a group called The McKameys. In 2014, one of those sisters and her husband are still singing, still traveling, still serving with their two daughters, a multi-talented son-in-law and a chip off the ol’ block grandson. Let’s listen to The McKameys’ golden album 50.

Steve Eaton, Musicscribe

[N]o one can deny the loyal fan base this group has built over the years. Their Appalachian harmonies and style continues with 50. A listener never has to worry that when they hit play on a McKameys recording it will stray from the style the group has built for well over 50 years.


All in all, when you have a record where Jesus Christ is at the cynosure, it’s hard to fault it.  More than that, the McKameys have also taken the extra step to relate Jesus to us on a carefully woven album that really brings out the name of Jesus in his most beautiful arrays.