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Mark Bishop to release Seasons: A Collection of the Best

Mark Bishop is known as one of the most successful singer-songwriters in Gospel music. Starting his solo career in 2002 after the retirement of The Bishops, Mark never missed a beat and is still hitting the top of the charts with each release. Seasons: A Collection of the Best is just that: a collection of Mark’s top charting songs such as Singing News number ones “Can I Pray for You,” “I’m Listening for the Call,” and “I Got Here as Fast as I Could.” Every song on this collection is a fan favorite. It also includes two brand new songs: “That’s When It’s Time to Pray” (the first radio single) and “The Other Room.” Both are sure to find their way onto the charts and into the hearts of Mark’s fans.

Mark states, “I feel blessed on this journey to have discovered a long time ago that music and lyric are a gift from God. With just a few notes and words, we can share an emotion and a story. Music can be a medicine for the hurting; it can be a celebration for when our hearts are full. Here are a few of my most requested songs through the years. Some are old; some are new. Some tell stories; some express thankfulness. All are from the center of my heart.”

Track List:

That’s When It’s Time To Pray
I Can Rejoice
You Can’t Ask Too Much Of My God
Can I Pray For You?
I’m Listening For The Call
With Me Always
Remember Who He Is, Remember What He Does
I Got Here As Fast As I Could
Cloud Nine, Headed For Ten
The Other Room
Perfectly Honest
My Name Is Jesus

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Enter Mark Bishop’s World

The best songs, like the best books, transport you into the story. Ever pick up a book and read it, and get so consumed in it that you feel like you’re there?

When This Is What It’s All About welcomes you into Mark Bishop’s world, you realize it is a world you know and share. It holds stories we’ve all lived and ones we’ve always heard. They are from the Bible, about family relationships and those of life’s continual changes.

You know this story:

“The others watched. Sometimes they’d point and whisper.
She felt alone. Sometimes that woman wished her
life was different. Felt like she was on the brink
until a stranger came and asked her for a drink.
Now look who’s here…”

—From “Now Look Who’s Here”

Perhaps you’re living this one:

Well, there are questions I can’t answer, that only God would know.
Why do children have to suffer? Why do broken hearts heal slow?
Why can’t families stay together? I’ve got questions of my own.
Yeah, I’ve got questions of my own.

But if you ask me, “Is there real love that can pick you off the ground?”
“Does anybody hear you praying? Is there an answer coming down?”
And, “Does anybody love me?” Of all the questions you could ask me,
That one’s easy; that one’s easy.

—From “That One’s Easy”

Come experience the beauty of Mark’s musical stories for yourself.

MPG: Melodies Per Gallon

For the past decade, Mark Bishop has traveled as a soloist and we’ve benefited from the time he’s spent getting to his engagements. If you were to ask Mark where he does a lot of his songwriting, the answer might come back “Interstate 40” or some other highway or backroad.

Matter-of-fact, we did ask Mark about it. He said, “Yes, I have two writing places. Foremost, eighty percent of my songs come to me while driving, since I do so much of it. The other twenty percent is on my front porch swing here at home. I’m not much for writing in a cubicle or an office!”

As an artist, Mark is a unique Gospel music treasure, but even more so because of the many wonderful songs he’s written. We’re all beneficiaries of the blessings they bring.

A Mark Bishop song will always include spiritual depth and biblical accuracy, but occasionally he alludes to the yet-to-be-revealed joys of the sweet by and by, like he does on this album with “An Old Stone The Lord Rolled Away” and “They Can’t Receive Their Reward.” Mark also tackled the topic in previous outings in the songs “I Got Here As Fast As I Could” and “Blue Skies.”

It’s very likely Mark Bishop pulled over to write many of these outstanding new songs, and we believe you’ll be compelled to “pull over” and listen. Mark Bishop writes songs filled with heart. God’s heart.

I Can Rejoice will be available on August 14, 2012.

Do You Still Need Him?

He’s hit the top of the charts. He’s won numerous awards. He’s a master storyteller who spins his yarns directly into your heart.

And this album’s debut single, “My Name is Jesus,” is already the #1 Top Add in the Singing News Radio Charts.

Mark marks his tenth year as a soloist in 2011, and he does it with the strongest collection of songs in his solo career. I Still Need Him has everything you expect from a Mark Bishop project—touching stories about the overlooked characters of life, thought-provoking songs of encouragement, and magnificent ballads.

But there’s more.

From the catchy newgrass sounds of “I’m Listening For the Call” to the James Taylor-esque sounds of “Are You Goin’ Where I’m Goin,” Mark ventures into new musical territory—with his distinctive Kentucky Bluegrass-tinged Gospel twist.

  • I’m Listening for the Call – Rhythmic acoustic folk reminder that the return of Christ is imminent.
  • God Builds Churches with Broken People . . . and the broken become brand new.
  • Job’s Wife – Mark is a storyteller at heart, and loves to tell stories about the overlooked characters of life. Here, he pulls from a real-life example – Job’s wife.
  • My Name is Jesus – Southern Gospel’s master storyteller takes on the greatest story ever told. Mark is joined by guest vocalists Lauren Talley, Ivan Parker, and Mitchel Jon to offer the perspectives of Matthew, Mary, Peter, a Roman Soldier, and Jesus—and the triumphant conclusion is larger than life!
  • Are You Goin’ Where I’m Goin’? – Mark ventures into new musical territory with one of his most unique songs yet.
  • I Still Need Him – Pictures of nature and our journey paint a musical landscape reflecting on our need for Christ.
  • It’s My Turn – So you thought there were so many songs about the Prodigal Son that nobody could bring a fresh perspective to the story? Well, you’ve underestimated Mark!
  • Your Easter Sunday is On Its Way – Mark points to the Resurrection as a metaphor for a cure for personal struggles.
  • That’s the Sound of a House Being Built on Love – A young boy learns about the real meaning of the church while watching his own local congregation do their version of the passion play.
  • One Drop of Blood Became a River – Songs of the Cross and the Resurrection form a theme throughout the project; this song about the sacrifice of Christ brings the album to an epic conclusion.

Just Pay Attention

If you want to see the great love of God, Just Pay Attention.

This is the tagline from a brand new song released by award-winning singer/songwriter Mark Bishop and Sonlite Records / Crossroads Music.  In recent years, Mark has earned the title of Gospel Music’s premiere story-teller and in this newest song, he shines a light on a very real debilitating illness that many families must deal with on a daily basis.

“The song Just Pay Attention is a tribute to those people I have known who have had to care for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other kind of late-life memory loss or dementia.  After personally witnessing the great love and patience extended by the families’ husbands with wives, children with their moms and dads, I knew that I was witnessing God’s love being displayed in a very real and tangible way.”  Mark goes on to say, “This song has been receiving very specific feedback when I perform it in concert.  It seems that there are more people than I realized that are dealing with the effects of it.  It is the most selfless love I have ever witnessed and it has to come from God.”

And to put his money where his heart is, Mark will be donating every cent of songwriter royalties derived from the song’s airplay to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.  Every penny from every play on every radio station will make a tangible difference in research and treatment toward someone who is dealing with this debilitating illness. “You don’t have to know that the song is about Alzheimer’s, it is very subtle and stands on its own.  But if you have ever dealt with it or are dealing with it now, this song will speak to your heart in a very special way.  As ministers, isn’t that our calling?”