Mark Bishop: Media Love

David Bruce Murray, Musicscribe

Must Buy? YES – This Is What It’s All About is Mark Bishop’s best release since 2010’s Just Pay Attention.

Lynn's Chronicles

I truly believe that Mark is one of our genre’s most under-appreciated songwriters.  His lyrics are a work of art.  The music, on the other hand, is just as good.  I have never heard one of Mark’s songs and thought, “That could have been orchestrated better.”  Nope.  Definitely not on any of the songs on this CD either.  Everything is quality through and through.

Southern Gospel Yankee

Mark has filled an important niche in a genre traditionally dominated by quartets, trios, and mixed ensembles. I’ll call it “the James Taylor niche.” Where they bring sweeping anthems and barn-burners crackling with energy, Mark offers pensive, carefully crafted lyrics that tell a story—never flashy, always thoughtful, and able to fit more insight than you thought possible into a 3-4-minute nutshell.


Adam Borden, Singing News, August 2014

In the 20 years that I have known him, I can truly say that there is no one as uniquely talented as Mark Bishop. His voice is immediately recognizable. His records are far from cookie cutter and predictable. They are an extension of this unassuming Kentucky songwriter who possesses a joyful personality and a true gift for pen-to-paper-to-melody. On This Is What It’s All About, the listener is going to find a record that keeps you interested and refreshed.

Timothy Yap, Hallels

Listening to these 10 songs is like looking through a photo album where Bishop functions as the narrator.  Here he patiently walks us through each photo pointing to us where God is in each frame before elaborating on the importance of the role God plays in each of them.   So, whether it is at the country church where a pastor was speaking to a distraught parishioner (“The Devil’s Playing Chess”) or in the harvest fields praying for rain (“Pray on the Little Days”), Bishop carefully removes our blinders so that we can see God in each and every of these circumstances.