The Inspirations: Press Releases

The Inspirations’ Pray For Me

TheInspirationsPrayForMeBigCovSome try to be relevant by copying the latest fads. The Inspirations know better. They stay relevant by staying themselves.

Suppose you played their new release, Pray For Me, back to back with their first LP. There would be no question you were listening to the same group. Few develop an instantly recognizable sound. Fewer maintain that sound after member changes. But The Inspirations have for fifty-two years!

The title track of Pray For Me features the resonant tones of bass singer Joseph Brown. Long-time lead singer Matt Dibler delivers the powerful testimony song “It’s Under The Blood.” Tenor Harold Reed shows how well he fits the classic Inspirations sound on “Onward to the Call.” The Inspirations’ lineup also includes pianist Martin Cook, bass Myron Cook, and multi-instrumentalist Luke Vaught.

The same distinctive sound that took the world by storm is still carried on today. Preview and pre-order The Inspirations’ Pray For Me today!

Inspirations Celebrate 50th Anniversary with God’s Word Will Stand

HR15592In 1964, five boys from Bryson City started a Gospel tradition that continues to this day. God’s Word Will Stand captures the classic sound that has made the Inspirations one of the most instantly recognizable groups in any genre of music. It also marks the return of two longtime alumni, fan favorites Melton Campbell and Matt Dibler.

The title track is an anthem to believers on the power of God’s Word and the lasting promise He has made to the world. That theme continues in the simple and traditional delivery of “News From Heaven,” written by group member Jon Epley.

The stripped down and pure “It’s Just About to Begin” and the stirring and powerful “Land of Promise” continue their trademark of recording great songs about Heaven, reminding us that the struggles we face are only temporary.

After fifty years, The Inspirations are still setting the gold standard for authentic quartet music. God’s Word Will Stand is a testament to the group’s enduring appeal and lasting legacy that has offered inspiration to their fans for half a century.

The Inspirations: So Simple, So Profound

Suppose you had the job of picking the quintessential Southern Gospel recording to put in a time capsule that would be the perfect example of the music for future generations to discover. How would you decide what recording by what group to choose? You would want it to stand the test of time and define the essence of what Southern Gospel is. You would want it to contain a collection of some of the best songs the genre has to offer. You would want it to be significant and special yet classic and true to form. It’s in the Savior’s Hands is the perfect choice.

It’s in the Savior’s Hands features a mix of new songs and classics brought back by fan request. From the pen of Squire Parsons comes the title cut and first radio release featuring Jon Epley with the message that life’s ups and downs are all in the Savior’s hands. “So Simple So Profound” is one of the new cuts penned by Sandy Knight that reminds us that the love of God is so simple a child can understand it. Bass singer Mike Holcomb’s resonant bass solos on “In the Twinkle of an Eye” and “It Won’t Be Long” feature some of the lowest recorded notes of his career.

The Inspirations have defined what Southern Gospel is for nearly half a century. This definition will stand the test of time. If Southern Gospel quartet singing will always be your favorite, this release is a must.

It’s in the Savior’s Hands will be available on June 19.

God Makes No Mistakes

In the 1960s, a group of teenagers from the Smokey Mountains tore up live concert stages under the tutelage of Martin Cook and made a name for themselves as The Inspirations. Fast forward to 2011: God Makes No Mistakes features their strongest vocal lineup since the orignal.

Tenor Jodi Hosterman’s range and vocal power seems to be limitless. He brings that power to “I Choose the Lord.”

David Ragan’s enthusiasm, on and off stage, has won him as many fans as his commanding lead vocals. Now on his fourth album with the group, he anchors “He Got Up,” an uptempo song about the power of the Resurrection.

Jon Epley is the newest young man to earn a bunk on Big Red, the Inspirations’ bus. He brings a ready smile and rich, warm tones to the baritone part—like the call to worship song “Why We Came Here.”

Several years ago, bass singer Mike Holcomb lost his son-in-law in a tragic freak accident. His powerful solo on “God Makes No Mistakes” carries the unmistakeable emotion and conviction of someone who has been through the fire—and has found that God is still sovereign.