The Inspirations: Media Love

Timothy Yap, Hallels

If you appreciate songs that are Biblically solid sung with the traditional “quartet” sound, this album won’t disappoint.  In fact, the ballads are so good that this album is worth much more than the price you pay for a download.

David Bruce Murray, Musicscribe

Pray For Me is the Inspiration’s best recording since 2010’s On The Sunrise Side.

Brian Crout, Southern Gospel Critique

[T]hey occupy a much-needed space in gospel music.  Though these days you may not be exactly sure what singers you will hear, you will always know what the Inspirations will sound like, and I find that comforting.

Adam Borden, Singing News, February 2014

In this world of no absolutes, blurred lines, situational ethics and individual interpretation, the Inspirations are sticking to the truth as it has stood from the beginning of time. In case you had any question in your mind, Martin and the men from Bryson City believe that Jesus Christ is the only answer for the world today, No Two Ways About It.

Jeff Lowe, Absolutely Gospel

If you are an Inspirations fan, you’re going to love this project. If you’re not, grab this project and you will be!