11th Hour: Media Love

David Bruce Murray, Musicscribe

Four years ago, when I heard their Steppin’ Out CD, I thought of 11th Hour as a promising, up-and-coming group. … With What A Moment, trends indicate they’re going to continue to produce quality music for us to enjoy.

Southern Gospel View From The Pew

If you’ve never heard 11th Hour, you’re missing out! Make sure that you don’t miss picking up a copy of What a Moment!

Steve Eaton, SoGospelBackRow

The Amber Eppinette/Grant Gibson vocal combo makes 11th Hour a trio you should become acquainted because they could be listed among the top trios in Southern Gospel music before long. One of my favorite albums listened to so far in 2014!


Adam Borden, Singing News, November 2014

Three years ago in the Singing News headquarters in Nashville, Les Butler, Rick Francis and I were making an absolute nuisance of ourselves by blasting music from a new Southern Gospel trio called 11th Hour. There was no doubt 11th Hour was officially on our radar. … The portrait may not be complete for 11th Hour just yet, but you can see what may be a masterpiece in the making.

Timothy Yap, Hallels

There’s a fine line between a good song and a great song. A great song often involves the added third dimension whereby it’s more than myriad of words and notes. Rather, you know you are listening to greatness when the characters of the song come alive and they take on their own persona. And they are not afraid of interacting with us through our life’s circumstances and then drawing us back to the counsel of God’s Word. In the light of such a definition, there are spades of such great tunes on 11th Hour’s latest release “Picture This.”