Ask ten people to define “joy” and you will probably get ten different answers. Barry Rowland & Deliverance is a ministry full of joy! We love to laugh and have fun; it is truly a good medicine. The very reason we love to sing about His glory is because each of us was raised to know what real joy is.

Jesus said in John 15:11 that He wants our joy to be full. Already, He had told us in a parable, what brought Him joy: when a shepherd finds that lost sheep, lays it on his shoulder – he rejoices (Luke 15:5)

Our labor and sacrifice is pointed toward that moment when the lost find the Gentle Shepherd. The trip back home is full of Holy laughter and pure, undiluted joy!

Then when we remember that we are not the only ones rejoicing, it really gets good! The angels are rejoicing with us around the Throne of God over that one sinner who finally found their way Home. Life doesn’t get any better than that.

The ministry of Barry Rowland & Deliverance, is one that was called many years ago. We have all been a part of other ministries that gave us the experience and training that we are equipped with today. The training grounds can be difficult, but in the end, if our sufferings and surrender to the call help bring sinners to the Savior and saints to a greater knowledge of Him, then He will be glorified and pleased with our efforts.