DownEastBoysRansomedBigCovThe definition of “ransomed” is to be released or restored, to be delivered, redeemed or rescued. And as you listen to the Down East Boys’ new album Ransomed, you will hear this theme woven into each song.

Ricky Carden of The Down East Boys states, “We went into this album with a different mind set. We always want to make the best album we can, but this time, we spent a lot more time choosing songs that not only will entertain the listeners, but that will move them and help them reflect on what it truly means to be a child of God.”

From the first bouncing notes from the “A Team” of players from Crossroads Studios on “A Reason To Sing,” to the soulful choir joining the guys on “Somebody Left The Door Wide Open,” you know you are in for something special. From the thought provoking, and understated arrangement on “A Thieves’ Paradise” crafted by master producer Jeff Collins, to the powerful ballad “The Song Of The Ransomed,” you are swept into moments of joy and rejoicing.

To release a new recording every year is not that difficult. To release a new recording that will make listeners take notice is a different story. You have to pick the right songs. You have to have the right arrangements. You have to have the best studio players to deliver those arrangements. And as the artist, you have to believe the messages that you are singing. Ransomed by The Down East Boys delivers on all counts.