SL31362Longevity and the test of time: They reveal all there is to know about the character and viability of an institution or a company…and a singing group as well!

Four decades into their journey, the Down East Boys are seasoned veterans of the road, but they’re just as excited about the music and message as the day they first stepped onto a stage. Beyond the Blue captures that excitement, and it’s something you’ll experience as you listen and drink in the power of the message of each and every song.

The power of “I Left My Past in the Past” alongside big band sounds of “Beyond the Blue” and the strength in the powerful melody and message of “If I Know Him” all come together to make for an important new release from these men who stand steadfast in the Lord. “Holy All Over Again” describes a great celebration around the throne, giving praise to God for Christ’s victory over death.

There is nothing like gospel songs to soak the listener in the life-giving water of the gospel of Christ.