There is no more beloved group in Southern Gospel music than the legendary McKameys. With the most #1 hits in Southern Gospel history, a dedicated following, and a faithful message for the masses, their great music and unwavering dedication to the Lord have stood the test of time. Now we celebrate with them the release of their fiftieth recording!

50 is spiced with sweet simplicity, family harmony, faithfulness, the joy of knowing Jesus, and so many more positive attributes that are inherently woven throughout this historic recording.

From the powerful “I’m Gonna Die on the Battlefield” to “The Coming of The Lord,” there is something for every McKamey fan and follower on this milestone musical project. The album starts with a remake of their very first recorded song, “Don’t Forget the Family Prayer,” complete with an intro pulled from the original cut. “There is Jesus” sums up beautifully what their music ministry has always been about.

50. It’s an artistic accomplishment few groups realize and, Lord willing, The McKameys are only halfway home!