The best songs, like the best books, transport you into the story. Ever pick up a book and read it, and get so consumed in it that you feel like you’re there?

When This Is What It’s All About welcomes you into Mark Bishop’s world, you realize it is a world you know and share. It holds stories we’ve all lived and ones we’ve always heard. They are from the Bible, about family relationships and those of life’s continual changes.

You know this story:

“The others watched. Sometimes they’d point and whisper.
She felt alone. Sometimes that woman wished her
life was different. Felt like she was on the brink
until a stranger came and asked her for a drink.
Now look who’s here…”

—From “Now Look Who’s Here”

Perhaps you’re living this one:

Well, there are questions I can’t answer, that only God would know.
Why do children have to suffer? Why do broken hearts heal slow?
Why can’t families stay together? I’ve got questions of my own.
Yeah, I’ve got questions of my own.

But if you ask me, “Is there real love that can pick you off the ground?”
“Does anybody hear you praying? Is there an answer coming down?”
And, “Does anybody love me?” Of all the questions you could ask me,
That one’s easy; that one’s easy.

—From “That One’s Easy”

Come experience the beauty of Mark’s musical stories for yourself.