Suppose you had the job of picking the quintessential Southern Gospel recording to put in a time capsule that would be the perfect example of the music for future generations to discover. How would you decide what recording by what group to choose? You would want it to stand the test of time and define the essence of what Southern Gospel is. You would want it to contain a collection of some of the best songs the genre has to offer. You would want it to be significant and special yet classic and true to form. It’s in the Savior’s Hands is the perfect choice.

It’s in the Savior’s Hands features a mix of new songs and classics brought back by fan request. From the pen of Squire Parsons comes the title cut and first radio release featuring Jon Epley with the message that life’s ups and downs are all in the Savior’s hands. “So Simple So Profound” is one of the new cuts penned by Sandy Knight that reminds us that the love of God is so simple a child can understand it. Bass singer Mike Holcomb’s resonant bass solos on “In the Twinkle of an Eye” and “It Won’t Be Long” feature some of the lowest recorded notes of his career.

The Inspirations have defined what Southern Gospel is for nearly half a century. This definition will stand the test of time. If Southern Gospel quartet singing will always be your favorite, this release is a must.

It’s in the Savior’s Hands will be available on June 19.