With a hits legacy unsurpassed by any other artist in the industry, the Kingsmen could easily rest on their laurels and just sing the songs they’ve become famous for over their half-century history. But not these Kingsmen! They set new trends, not sit on the old ones.

Recent #1 hits as diverse as “When God Ran” and “God Saw a Cross” testify to this. The superb stylistic mix of Grace Says has already rendered the #1 top radio add for August with “He’s Everything I Need (That’s All I Need).” These facts are definitive proof that the old guard quartet is still fueled with fresh ideas and powered by energetic vocal performances. Without a doubt in many minds, they are still the best quartet in the Southern Gospel galaxy.

And what do 1956, Elvis, Interstates and the Kingsmen have in common? That’s the year it started for all of them!

The hits legacy continues with songs like:

  • Oh What a Hallelujah Day – A happy hallelujah song that will have your soul dancing, doing cartwheels, and just generally jumping for joy!
  • Ordinary Man – Reminding us that we are made extraordinary through Grace. An extraordinary song about our ordinary and sinful state and God’s inordinate, inexhaustible supply of love for us. The Kingsmen sent it to the stratosphere with an extraordinary and impassioned performance.
  • Loving Shepherd, Gracious God – A soothing, mellow meditation on Psalm 23 from the perspective of an older sheep who has experienced the Shepherd’s faithfulness time and again.

Hear for yourself how the Kingsmen have continued their legacy.