From the instant you hit the on ramp at the title track “Joyride” till you exit at “Author and Finisher,” this trip down I-10 (Ivan Parker, 10 songs) will have your heart dancing to the rhythms and the rhymes that are intersected throughout a life lived for Christ.

Every song is a picture perfect snapshot of truth and a thirst quencher for the world-weary soul, in each season and along every stretch of life’s road.

“Joyride” talks about the lighter times, “Mary’s Wish,” the heart-heavy moments of anguish. “Who I Am Ain’t Who I Was” is a mellow proclamation of the victory we have in Jesus, while “Temporary Goodbye” reminds us the bitter cup of sorrow dipped from death’s dark well is only for a moment.

A joyride is something we do for fun, every once in a long while. The hectic schedules of our lives do not seem to give us that luxury much anymore. When this theme started coming together, I thought, “Why not put on a pair of comfortable jeans, a leather jacket, and some good Jesus riding music and hit the road?”

So for the next few minutes, take a break from the twists and turns of life and take a look at them from the rear-view mirror. Oh, and please do not forget your sunglasses, ‘cause the Son is bright where we will be riding! – Ivan