In the 1960s, a group of teenagers from the Smokey Mountains tore up live concert stages under the tutelage of Martin Cook and made a name for themselves as The Inspirations. Fast forward to 2011: God Makes No Mistakes features their strongest vocal lineup since the orignal.

Tenor Jodi Hosterman’s range and vocal power seems to be limitless. He brings that power to “I Choose the Lord.”

David Ragan’s enthusiasm, on and off stage, has won him as many fans as his commanding lead vocals. Now on his fourth album with the group, he anchors “He Got Up,” an uptempo song about the power of the Resurrection.

Jon Epley is the newest young man to earn a bunk on Big Red, the Inspirations’ bus. He brings a ready smile and rich, warm tones to the baritone part—like the call to worship song “Why We Came Here.”

Several years ago, bass singer Mike Holcomb lost his son-in-law in a tragic freak accident. His powerful solo on “God Makes No Mistakes” carries the unmistakeable emotion and conviction of someone who has been through the fire—and has found that God is still sovereign.