He’s hit the top of the charts. He’s won numerous awards. He’s a master storyteller who spins his yarns directly into your heart.

And this album’s debut single, “My Name is Jesus,” is already the #1 Top Add in the Singing News Radio Charts.

Mark marks his tenth year as a soloist in 2011, and he does it with the strongest collection of songs in his solo career. I Still Need Him has everything you expect from a Mark Bishop project—touching stories about the overlooked characters of life, thought-provoking songs of encouragement, and magnificent ballads.

But there’s more.

From the catchy newgrass sounds of “I’m Listening For the Call” to the James Taylor-esque sounds of “Are You Goin’ Where I’m Goin,” Mark ventures into new musical territory—with his distinctive Kentucky Bluegrass-tinged Gospel twist.

  • I’m Listening for the Call – Rhythmic acoustic folk reminder that the return of Christ is imminent.
  • God Builds Churches with Broken People . . . and the broken become brand new.
  • Job’s Wife – Mark is a storyteller at heart, and loves to tell stories about the overlooked characters of life. Here, he pulls from a real-life example – Job’s wife.
  • My Name is Jesus – Southern Gospel’s master storyteller takes on the greatest story ever told. Mark is joined by guest vocalists Lauren Talley, Ivan Parker, and Mitchel Jon to offer the perspectives of Matthew, Mary, Peter, a Roman Soldier, and Jesus—and the triumphant conclusion is larger than life!
  • Are You Goin’ Where I’m Goin’? – Mark ventures into new musical territory with one of his most unique songs yet.
  • I Still Need Him – Pictures of nature and our journey paint a musical landscape reflecting on our need for Christ.
  • It’s My Turn – So you thought there were so many songs about the Prodigal Son that nobody could bring a fresh perspective to the story? Well, you’ve underestimated Mark!
  • Your Easter Sunday is On Its Way – Mark points to the Resurrection as a metaphor for a cure for personal struggles.
  • That’s the Sound of a House Being Built on Love – A young boy learns about the real meaning of the church while watching his own local congregation do their version of the passion play.
  • One Drop of Blood Became a River – Songs of the Cross and the Resurrection form a theme throughout the project; this song about the sacrifice of Christ brings the album to an epic conclusion.