If you want to see the great love of God, Just Pay Attention.

This is the tagline from a brand new song released by award-winning singer/songwriter Mark Bishop and Sonlite Records / Crossroads Music.  In recent years, Mark has earned the title of Gospel Music’s premiere story-teller and in this newest song, he shines a light on a very real debilitating illness that many families must deal with on a daily basis.

“The song Just Pay Attention is a tribute to those people I have known who have had to care for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other kind of late-life memory loss or dementia.  After personally witnessing the great love and patience extended by the families’ husbands with wives, children with their moms and dads, I knew that I was witnessing God’s love being displayed in a very real and tangible way.”  Mark goes on to say, “This song has been receiving very specific feedback when I perform it in concert.  It seems that there are more people than I realized that are dealing with the effects of it.  It is the most selfless love I have ever witnessed and it has to come from God.”

And to put his money where his heart is, Mark will be donating every cent of songwriter royalties derived from the song’s airplay to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.  Every penny from every play on every radio station will make a tangible difference in research and treatment toward someone who is dealing with this debilitating illness. “You don’t have to know that the song is about Alzheimer’s, it is very subtle and stands on its own.  But if you have ever dealt with it or are dealing with it now, this song will speak to your heart in a very special way.  As ministers, isn’t that our calling?”